Protect your investment in your greens and fairways with Aquaritin 19 and Defend.

Aquaritin Turf’s line-up of foliar sprays use breakthrough nanotechnology to deliver essential nutrients like Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potassium and Silicon in a single formulation.

The production of healthy turf, safeguarding environmental quality and providing a toxin-free environment is a high priority for the turfgrass industry.

Adoption of best practices applicable to fertilizer and water use, pest and disease management and maintenance of a natural habitat for marine and land animals is increasingly important for the industry.

Beside maintaining a highly playable surface, a sports turf manager has to contend with water and irrigation management, fertilization, species selection, disease control and weather challenges exacerbated by climate change.

Turfgrass covers 40 million acres in the U.S., or nearly 2% of the land, and is the number one irrigated crop. Turfgrass management is an important component in the multi-billion-dollar industries of lawn maintenance, park facilities, sod/seed farms and sports field maintenance. The combined revenue for all landscaping services alone in the U.S. is over $100 billion. Golf courses are estimated to cover 6 million acres worldwide. Sports like soccer, baseball, tennis, etc make up an even larger acreage of maintained turf surfaces. 

Due to the physical stress applied to the turf, disease prevention and plant health become critically important. Damaged or poor greens on a golf course can make paying customers ditch the course almost overnight!

Golf pond

Silicon based fertilizers deliver important benefits to the turf manager with regard to plant health and playability, pest and fungus control, water use and abiotic stress management.


Watch how Aquaritin Defend helped one turf manager manage his golf course.