Aquaritin: A new way to deliver silicon and essential nutrients to plants without runoff.

Nano-silica technology offers sustainable solutions to decrease the use of other chemicals and prevent runoff and nutrient/chemical leaching into the environment.

Nutrient runoff from farms and commercial and residential lawn fertilizers are a major source of nitrogen and phosphorus in our natural water bodies.

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Too much nitrogen and phosphorus in our water causes algae to grow faster than ecosystems can handle. Significant increases in algae harm water quality, food resources and habitats and decrease the oxygen that fish and other aquatic life need to survive. 

Large algal blooms can severely reduce or eliminate oxygen in the water, leading to illnesses or death of large numbers of fish. Some algal blooms are harmful to humans because they produce elevated toxins and bacterial growth that can make people sick if they come into contact with polluted water, consume tainted fish or shellfish, or drink contaminated water. Warmer water temperatures favor harmful algae in a number of ways:

  • Toxic blue-green algae prefer warmer water
  • Warmer temperatures prevent water from mixing, allowing algae to grow thicker and faster
  • Warmer water is easier for small organisms to move through and allows algae to float to the surface faster
  • Algal blooms absorb sunlight, making water even warmer and promoting more blooms

Increase yield, eliminate pests and conserve irrigation water.

Eliminate the use of other foliar and ground-based fertilizers and reduce pesticide applications, all while reducing irrigation duration and growing healthier, more profitable crops.

Unconventional solutions, exceptional results.

Conventional agri and aquaculture solutions that involve use of chemicals to grow food and prevent disease are coming under increasing scrutiny for their environmental impact. The “Cocktail Effect” of using multiple chemicals, fungicides, pesticides and algaecides in soils and water, each safe on its own, is worrisome. Leaching of unassimilated inputs into the groundwater and runoff of these chemicals into surface waters is threatening to enlarge the area of environmental impact. 

Aquaritin Foliar Spray products contain all 13 essential plant nutrients with a particle size of 1-30 nm, directly delivered through the leaf. These nutrients are adsorbed on a nano silica base which is both a carrier and a nutrient. Typically, the nutrient delivery at nano-scale reduces the nutrient load by a factor of 100 when compared to conventional fertilizers. Furthermore, with foliar application the nutrients are absorbed by the plant within a few hours, preventing any significant run-off issues.

In water bodies, the nano nutrients in Aquaritin are exclusively consumed by diatoms, which leads to immediate and exponential growth in the diatom population, rapidly consuming the nutrients that would have otherwise gone towards algae growth. As diatoms grow and photosynthesize, they sequester carbon and release oxygen into the water, increasing the dissolved oxygen content of the water and promoting better water clarity.

Spraying crops with pesticides
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Aquaritin Foliar Spray has no nutrient runoff and delivers a balanced mix of 13 plant nutrients in a single nanoscale liquid formulation.