Legendary South African Golfer Gary Player Talks Water Conservation At The DGC Open 2022

Aquaritin Water Solutions plays a role in the recycling of effluent waste water used for irrigation on the redesigned Delhi Golf Club course.

New Delhi, India
22 March, 2022

Legendary golfer and renowned golf course architect Gary Player, who was involved in the redesign of the course, recently visited the Delhi Golf Club during the DGC Open 2022. During his visit he had the opportunity to see the Bio-STP treatment plant under construction. Following his visit, he was interviewed by a local news channel TIMES NOW where he said:

“Water is the big issue in the world today, and on this golf course (we’re) taking a lot of the effluent water that would normally put in rivers and oceans etc., and we are able to purify (the water) and use it for the golf course. … The water situation in the world is chronic.”

Watch the full interview with Gary Player below:

Civil works are in progress to treat 3 million liters per day (MLD) of sewage from the New Delhi Municipal Council (NDMC). A combination of mechanical and biological filtration (Bio-STP) will be used to treat the raw sewage. The project is expected to start delivering high quality irrigation water in April 2022. Capital expenditure on the project is budgeted at $300k (USD) and ongoing monthly expenses including depreciation are expected to be $5k (USD) per month. Therefore cost per MLD is expected to be $55 (USD) per million liters.

The current sewage treatment plant (STP) produces 1.2 MLD while Delhi Golf Club’s requirement is 2.5 MLD. As regards water quality, the current STP output has a total dissolved solids (TDS) of 2700 ppm while the new system is expected to lower it to below 600 ppm. Similarly all other key water parameters will see an improvement of between 50% and 80%.

Primary screen at the bio-STP treatment plant

Multi-grade filters and activated carbon filters.

Liners laid down in the treated water pond.

Legendary South African golfer Gary Player surveying the water treatment site.

Aquaritin Water Solutions Wastewater treatments are applied to the aeration/bio treatment pond to increase dissolved oxygen, lower BOD and COD and reduce TDS, fecal coliform and heavy metals. Aquaritin Water Solutions products are advanced nanoscale liquid formulations designed to promote the growth of diatoms in various polluted water bodies impacted by human, animal, industrial, agricultural and mining waste. Together with targeted microbes, they lower nutrient load, fecal coliform and increase oxygen and clarity in the wastewater.