Tackling Climate Change


Leading the future with water, agriculture and turf solutions
that drive environmental and economic sustainability.

Our Family of Brands

More oxygen and less maintenance for all types of water bodies.

Aquaritin Water Solutions nanoscale formulation significantly increases dissolved oxygen while encouraging the natural biological cycle already occurring in waterways.

Increase yield, eliminate pests and conserve irrigation water.

Eliminate the use of other foliar and ground-based fertilizers and reduce pesticide applications, all while reducing irrigation duration and growing healthier, more profitable crops. 

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Tour-quality greens and fairways.

Protect your investment in your greens and fairways. Aquaritin 19 and Defend use breakthrough nanotechnology to deliver micronized silicon and essential nutrients in a single formulation.

Unconventional solutions, exceptional results.

“The least I can do is to speak for those who cannot speak for themselves.”

– Jane Goodall

Aquaritin products are backed by years of development, research and operational trials. Our goal from inception was to manufacture products that worked synergistically with local environments and would not harm the environment or the beneficial organisms that occupy it. We have developed proprietary mineral compounds that are used in our products to achieve the designed performance parameters, and we continue to leverage our learnings to bring solutions to new challenges around the globe. 

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Together we can change the world

The Future Is Now

While our current portfolio of products is based on existing environments and needs, we are always looking for where our products will help local communities, business owners, municipalities and the planet. 

Our R&D team is working to diversify the Aquaritin portfolio to meet the needs of a changing global environment. The challenges presented by a warming planet occupies our thoughts and at Aquaritin we are striving to develop nutrient solutions to strengthen plants to withstand drought as well as flash floods, heavy metal impact and emerging pests and disease. We are also exploring the possibility of acceleration of plant and animal growth through the technology.

For more information on our pipeline, contact us today.

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